Strategic Review

The Requirement

  • A strategic review is the first step before any significant change should be planned in health service provision.
  • An independent and knowledgeable review which engages all relevant stakeholders and communicates effectively the issues and options to the management of services and the NHS trust is a vital step before any significant investment or change can take place effectively.
  • External independent involvement is important if all issues are to be identified so that there is confidence in the output.

Our Process

  • Analysis of existing information concerning services
    • Plans for clinical and other services for the hospital/trust.
    • Existing plans and configuration of services.
    • Identification of constraints: space, people, finance , communications.
    • Examination of equipment inventory and utilisation.
    • Service scope and volumes.
    • Budgets and unit costing.
    • Quality standards in key areas.
  • Stakeholder analysis
    • Key stakeholders are identified and consulted.
    • These would include representatives of medical consultants and staff, clinical users and trust management, GPs , neighboroughing trusts, funders and any other identified key people.
    • These interviews would help to identify issues and help obtain the commitment to the outcome of the review.
  • Presentation of interim report and options
    • Feedback would be obtained to help narrow options and to assist with non-financial appraisal of options.
  • Production of final report and options appraisal.

Project Team

We can provide a team experienced in health services and in conducting strategic reviews, drawing on specific expertise if required.



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