Scrutiny and audit

The Requirement

Local Authority Scrutiny Committees require independent assessment of important healthcare issues

Chief Executives and Boards need assurance that internal resources, processes and results can stand up to audit and scrutiny

Our Process

  • We bring experience and expertise to assist in clarifying for clients any healthcare issue. Often this requires 'whole system' thinking to be brought to bear in addressing healthcare issues.

  • The total resources devoted to a healthcare issue will be identified and benchmarked with similar or comparative sources as far as possible.

  • Processes will be mapped and analysed to identify overlap, omissions and inefficiencies.

  • The views of stakeholders can be elicited and assessed.

  • Healthcare outputs will be assessed

Project Team

We will provide a multi-disciplinary team to briing to bear a range of specialist skills around any healthcare issue. This will be led by someone with senior experience of working in or with the NHS.



Our Services

Policy Review

Strategic Review

Developing CCG commissioning

Scrutiny and audit

Business Planning & Consultancy

Economic & Financial Appraisal

Statistical Analysis & Modelling

Mentoring and Project Support

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