Mentoring and Project Support

The Requirement

  • Clients often require personal support to ensure the local project team is meeting needs and is confident to meet project objectives.
  • This provides a more efficient basis for engaging expertise in a project without the need for top-level involvement or heavy use of consultants.

Our Process

  • Clarify with the client the most economic way of achieving project objectives in the light of in-house resources.
  • Tailor input by our consultants to enable the client to learn and develop and meet project needs.

Project Team

We will supply consultants experienced in mentoring and developing in-house staff as well as in the technical areas requiring support.


Our Services

Policy Review

Strategic Review

Developing CCG commissioning

Scrutiny and audit

Business Planning & Consultancy

Economic & Financial Appraisal

Statistical Analysis & Modelling

Mentoring and Project Support

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