Business Planning & Consultancy

The Requirement

  • Managers need to provide comprehensive business plans to justify investment and change in services.
  • This acts as a barrier to change as many service managers have not been trained in the disciplines required to provide such plans and in-house general managers and financial support are too stretched to be able to provide the input.
  • Good business cases require a comprehensive review of the issues and opportunities facing local services and clinical services generally.
  • A service case, financial case and a commercial case will each have to be made to stakeholders and decision makers.
  • This is a task which is often underestimated and is best achieved with independent and experienced assistance.

Our Process

  • A strategic review is the first step to help identify the case for change and to engage stakeholders in the process.
  • This requires a thorough analysis of the existing services, issues, opportunities and options.
  • A Strategic Outline Case will be needed if large scale investment is required followed by an Outline Business Case and Full Business Case.
  • Good presentation and communication of the issues at stake is required if decisions are to be made quickly.
  • The business case requires planning of the project management, risk management and benefit realisation.

Project Team

We can provide an experienced team to work with in-house staff in providing a professional business case to the requirements of the scale of the change identified. The team would include service management experts and a team leader experienced in the requirements of NHS and commercial business cases.


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