Developing CCG commissioning

The Requirement

CCGs need advice and support to discharge their commissioning role. They possess the power to change the pattern of services but feel under-resourced and unable to convert theory into practice. They are expected to demonstrate both the willingness and capacity to drive through change.

Our Process

  • Identify the local consensus for change - this would be achieved by interviews with local stakeholders rather than just assessing the formal strategies in place. Too often, strategies are inclusive and 'all things to all parties'. We can, as independent consultants, bring more clarity to the real wishes and requirements of local stakeholders.

  • Analyse the data on service delivery - there is a rich level of data available to CCGs if they know where to look; the problem often is a shortage of capacity to analyse the data in ways that can lead to alternative commissioning strategies.
  • Identify blockages - before change can take place, blockages have to be identified and removed. This is not the way the NHS has traditionally worked. Blockages have led to evasion, frustration and slower than expected progress.

  • Propose how CCGs can achieve change in high priority areas through the commissioning process.

Project Team

We will supply a team that is familiar with commissioning and the new role of CCGs and also in tune with new opportunities for working within whole systems of care.



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